Hi!  My name is LAgirl, and I moved from New York to Louisiana.  Long story short, there’s a boy, and a book, and… well.  Here I am.

Probably Not 101 Things About Me:

  1. I have a dog named Lily.
  2. I lived in the same town for 25 years.
  3. I’ve never had a cigarette or participated in any illegal drugs.
  4. The only binge drinking I’ve ever done were on my 25th birthday in Vegas, and in Ireland, because really.  It’s Ireland.
  5. Oh yeah, I’ve been to Ireland.
  6. I’m a grad student at a southern Louisiana university.
  7. Louisiana is SO not my state.  It’s February right now and 80 damn degrees.  This is Not Good for summer.
  8. I used to cut myself for fun and profit.  Just kidding.  It wasn’t fun and I didn’t profit.
  9. I met my best friend in a Ragnarok Online game.  She’s Mormon.  The two are unrelated, I just think it’s neat.
  10. I met my boyfriend in a Star Wars club online when we were 12. Are you seeing a pattern here?
  11. I’m a geek getting used to Linux that also knits and sews.
  12. I work at A Big Store where one Buys Things That Are Not Apparel.
  13. Or Electronics.
  14. I also really don’t want to get Dooced.
  15. I try very hard not to hate people, but my future MIL makes it very hard.
  16. I’m diagnosed with depression & anxiety.
  17. My former therapist thinks I was abused in my past based on how I react to certain things.
  18. I tend to believe her.
  19. Don’t tickle me.  Ever.  Or you’ll be driving me to the hospital when I crack my head open diving under a desk and sobbing hysterically.
  20. I’m dissociative.  Look it up.
  21. I wrote a book.  It isn’t published yet.  Still working on that.
  22. Things I miss include: cable TV, way too much food in my pantry, my friend Dani, my parents, my two cats I left in NY, and… okay, well, a lot of things, like snow.
  23. I am unfortunately blessed with an inability to process heat well and thusly look like I’m going to die when I’m hot.  Hello, summer!
  24. I’m also that one person that mosquitoes will chase down the road.  True story.
  25. I have no idea what my natural hair color would look like on my head right now.  It’s dirty blonde-ish, that I know.
  26. Right now, it’s red.


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