One difference that I’ve noticed between Down Here and Up There seems pretty damn important to me.

You see, where I come from, if something is on fire, this is generally considered a bad thing.  We either panic and throw something at it, or deal with it appropriately.  Things generally shouldn’t be on fire in my world.  It’s probably a bad sign if something is.

Here, when I mentioned that to LAboy, he said “It happens.”


The other day as I drove out of town, a large portion of marsh was on fire next to the bridge.  A man was doing yard work next to it.  This, to me, is A PROBLEM.  The ground probably shouldn’t be on fire next to you, and you might want to worry.

Tonight as I drove home from class, I drove by one of the plants, like I always do.  It makes or stores petroleum or oil or something that seems pretty damn flammable in my world.  They have these little towers next to them, all these plants do: it’s a tiny tower that always has a small blue flame on top.  If some type of OHSHIT situation happens, they burn off the excess and the flame turns orange and gets bigger.

People, I live in the land of few street lights, and as an experiment, I turned off the lights – entirely! – on my vehicle and could still see the road under the flame of this fire.  Next to some really big tanks that store God-only-knows that is probably flammable.  Not to mention that I have no idea what it’s burning off, and could have just inhaled my death through my windows.

But when I called LAboy, he said “If it was anything to worry about, we (the firefighters) would have been called by now.  I’m not worried.”

To which I could only respond, “You DO know your firehouse pager has no battery right now, right?”

“It happens.”

I am so not a southern girl.

One thought on “Differences.

  1. I read your comment on ‘Life in the Trenches”, and now a huge fan of your blog! It’s going in my favorites, since i don’t know what Google Reader is.

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